Monthly Archives: February 2013

Long time, no see

Well helloooooo, everyone!

What a very long time it has been (about two months) since I have posted on my blog! It feels like a lifetime ago, and I sincerely apologise. The reasons for not posting on here is twofold:


1.) I have been enormously busy.


2.) I have been enormously lazy.


Now this may seem slightly contradictory, but hear me out. Since my second semester in university began, the work has been piling up slowly but surely. Yes it isn’t exactly a hard course such as Medicine, but I hate all work apart from writing (basically, anyway) and would you believe that a lot of my course as yet is not about writing or reading? So yes, I have been both busy and lazy, and that is why I haven’t been posting for a long while. Also I haven’t been on here because I have thee major writing projects at the present, not including my university assignments.

But yes, you are entitled to give me a big slap.

Concerning how often I’ll be posting on here from now on, I honestly cannot say. I will definitely try to post once a month, if not twice, but apart from that I don’t know. So please keep checking up on this blog every so often, because I will be carrying on – promise! Although I don’t expect my readership to be quite so vast as before; I understand that people my have deleted me off their inboxes and so forth. But fear not, for it will be a nice challenge for me to do: gain more followers than I had before.

Farewell for now, brothers and sisters. May your writing and reading be joyous, and your life prosperous. I shall be on here again ASAP! 😀