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I haven’t added many words, but that’s okay, right?

If I apologise to you all that I’ve not added any more than 3364 words to my NaNoWriMo novel, I’ll be honest, it’s not really going to work. But if I apologise to my inner writer for being a lazy bum, then I’m sure I’ll feel a little ashamed and disappointed.

Fortunately for me, though, I haven’t been a lazy bum – the reason I haven’t paid much attention to my work-in-progress novel, 30 Days, is because I’ve had to write 2500-word essay about whether men and women read literature in the same way. Not really my thing, and let’s face it, I’m not an academic writer. Anyway, preparing and writing that essay has taken a huge chunk of my time. However, dawn is finally here, as with my essay now submitted, I can crack on with my pos-apocalyptic novel again! Three cheers for me! Come on, I can’t see you jumping and clapping at my pleasant turn of events! ūüėõ

All jokes aside, this week I’m hoping to reach the 35k mark – even with uni starting up again (this week was reading week) I’m determined to do it! Has anyone else faced similar problems, or even just hit a bump in the road or writer’s block? Write in the comments below and share it all with the Writer’ Cabinet community; a problem shared is a problem halved.

Here is the second extract of my novel. Hopefully you enjoy it,¬†but maybe you won’t – just¬†tell me why either way! See you all¬†next week. ūüôā

30 Days Extract (Chapter Three)

The rain was so severe that Abraham literally thought that buckets full to the brim with freezing water were being dropped frantically from the black sky. The wind howled like a pack of hungry wolves and the cold bit into his flesh like thousands of spiders. He screamed uselessly, crying for someone to help. It was obvious that no one would come, but it was the only thing he could do. Going onwards was not an option, as the storm would rip him to pieces if he didn’t find shelter soon, and going back to where he just came from…

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The grass was squelching beneath his feet and the mud coated itself onto his boots ‚Äď they were already ruined. He stumbled on a few more steps, although every step he did take was sapping a large part of his strength and will. Lifting a trembling hand from his coat pocket, he felt his face. Freezing. In this state he could be dead within minutes. The water had already soaked into every possible dry area, making him quiver with cold. It was hopeless.

            Hurtling to the ground, tears from his eyes began to mix into the rain, just like that Warden with his cut leg. The Warden.

            What have I done?

            His eyes were getting heavy; he struggled to stay awake.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ‚ÄėI can‚Äôt sleep,‚Äô he yelled to himself. ‚ÄėI must stay awake, I must go on‚Ķ‚Äô

            But what was the point in going on? He already knew that it would be a wasted effort. So why did he have to continue forwards? Suddenly sleep felt far more important and satisfying, and his head drooped; his eyes gradually closed, and within a minute his body was lying face-down in the mud and waterways of rain.


Tomorrow’s Lecture and the first 50/50 story!

Sorry this post is a tad late, but I had quite a few things to organise today for¬†tomorrow (University!)¬†and otherwise. Yes, and as you can tell from that previous sentence, my first lecture begins tomorrow – a two-hour long ‘Skills for Academic Studies in the Humanities’. It sounds a little boring, but I was silently waiting for the degree proper to start anyway, so I’ve had that wish fulfilled at least. ūüôā

Concerning the first 50/50 story, I have no idea how many posts it’ll be, but that’s part of the fun! Obviously it can’t continue¬†for too long as NaNoWriMo begins next month, but I’m assuming it’ll consist of at least four posts. I still, however, need your input:¬†every story needs to begin with a simple¬†premise, and I’ve decided to let you readers be the supplier of that premise. It can be as silly or as serious as you’d like, likewise with the mundane or heart-pounding. Basically as long as it’s not rude or racist I’ll give it a shot – just post¬†in the comments and the first premise which sounds reasonable will have the reasonable honour of being the foundation of my first 50/50 story. Your comment¬†can be detailed or simple:



A man walks into town with the thought of buying his first lottery ticket.

More detailed

A man walks into town with the thought of buying his first lottery ticket, but his next-door neighbour thinks it’s a bad idea.

Very detailed

A¬†drama about a man called Kevin who thinks of buying his first lottery ticket, only to find that his next-door neighbour Maggie thinks it’s a bad idea, as it will create a new¬†bad habit that will cause him to drop further into financial debt.


Obviously I’m going a bit overboard here, but you get the idea. So quickly write¬†in the comments and think of something good before someone else does – you’ll even get a shout-out¬†about your¬†own blog! Now get cracking! ūüėÄ


University update, and maybe another blogging idea?

Hello, everyone; I hope you’re all having a good week so far. To keep you up-to-date with my university freshers week, it is going quite well. A lot of things seem unnecessary, of course, but that’s part of the fun. Tomorrow we get to find out who are personal tutor is, and I think we’re also doing some ‘study skills’, which involves learning about academic writing and other sorts of things – at least, that’s what I think we’re doing!

Anyway, I was going to¬†share the voting results of the two polls, but they¬†were in fact¬†very disappointing. ¬†Unless Polldaddy was incorrect with its stats, the number of people who voted isn’t even worth mentioning. However, there is a silver lining: because so few voted¬†(I mean that), that means I get to choose what¬†this blog¬†will be doing next! So, I’ve currently got two untitled work-in-progress¬†projects, one being the ‘write a post about a random sentence’ thing (still no official name for it yet), and another project which is making me even more excited. I’m not yet going to say what it is as it may not happen, but let’s just say that it involves me writing a story which can and should¬†evolve with every post, and may even include you loyal readers! More information on that¬†should be available within the next week or so.

Therefore, I close by saying that the untitled random page project should be happening in a few days, but just be patient. And by the way, it should be every two weeks, but that’s indefinite. Thanks for stopping by; enjoy the rest of your week. I’ll see you on Saturday. ūüôā

P.S. If people did vote in the polls, could you please tell me in the comments below (and if possible the answers which you voted)¬†so I can check if Polldaddy’s stats are correct. Thanks very much! ūüėÄ


University, rain, and plastic ducks!

It seems like a very momentous time in my life, and in some respects it is Рthe very first day at University, a mixture of feelings whizzing through both my head and stomach. But when your first day consists of choosing modules which are pretty much chosen for you, getting your hair very wet several times from walking in constant rain, and flicking plastic ducks off bridges to see who is the winner, it all seems a little different to what you wre expecting. That said, it was the first day, it was great to meet some new people and see new places, and I am looking forward to the lectures (which start next week).

The first semester is all compulsory, but in the second semester (on top of the compulsory ones) there is a choice to pick one¬†of three modules: a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), something to do with archaeology, and a module entitled ‘From Gods to CGI’, which is taught by the School of Classics. This is the module that I have decided to do, as I presume it will broaden my horizons and will possibly give me story ideas.

Also, may I remind you to vote in my polls, deisigned to¬†make my blog better. If you haven’t yet voted, vote here. Thanks for reading; see you all¬†Wednesday!


A couple of things that’ll make this blog better…

Hey everyone!

I have a few things to say today, so bear with me. The first thing I wanted to say is that my induction day for university is tomorrow, and I’m getting very excited; it’s going to be great meeting everyone I’ve already¬†talked to¬†online. ūüôā¬†Freshers week then starts this Monday, so¬†I may be writing more posts about that for a little while.

Secondly, I’ve been browsing the web and came across an interesting idea which¬†might be suitable for my blog. The premise is that I pick up a random book around the house, turn to a random page, and read the sixth sentence on that page (it doesn’t have to be the¬†sixth, but this is what the article used, so I’m sticking with that). Now the idea is this: whatever that sixth sentence says, I have to write a post about it! It sounds like an interesting concept, and of course, the post could be 100 words long or 800 words long; it just depends on how difficult¬†it is to write a post about that sentence and whether I feel strongly about a certain word/phrase/concept in that particular sentence. Anyway, I was thinking it could be either a weekly or bi-monthly¬†thing. It’s all down to you, my readers, and that brings me to my final point…

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Beneath this chunk of writing are two polls which I would like everyone to vote on (DO NOT VOTE UNTIL YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THIS!). Now this may make you groan and¬†click to a different page, but hear me out.¬†These polls¬†are designed to make the blog you are reading currently even¬†better, and even though my own ideas are relevant and significant, I still need input from all of you: after all, you are the ones that are reading this! They are very basic polls – simply click which answer you would like to vote on, then click the ‘vote’ button. There is an option to write your own answer in the first poll, if needs be. There is another poll directly below the first poll asking whether you want me to continue with this¬†book-sentence idea, so you would really help me by voting on that issue, as well. Also, one last thing: you can click multiple choices in the first poll if you wish, but you cannot in the second. ūüôā

Of course you don’t have to vote on either of these polls, or you can vote on only one topic, if you wish. But just bear in mind that this blog can be better if you vote, as I can weigh up options depending on the amount of votes. Thank you all very much, and I’ll see you on Monday! ūüėÄ

Don’t forget to vote on the polls below!

Another degree update and a link to a very good blog

Hello – I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend ūüėÄ Mine was a mixture of feelings, as my ill Grandmother passed away last night. On a lighter note, however, I have received a further few updates on my Creative Writing degree. ūüôā

I now have a degree start date, and that is September 24th. There is an Open Day for the university this Saturday (15th), and it should be a day when I find out far more about the course itself and the books I need to read beforehand, etc. I have already found one other person doing the same degree as me, so I will probably be talking to them before we start so I at least know someone when it all starts proper.

Financially, progress is slow but steady. Some things are already in the post to be sorted out, and I’ve managed to create a quick budget for myself to know how much I should be spending, and on what.

So there you have it. A little bit more news until things really begin to explode, my brain included – my stomach is beginning to churn as I think I’m worrying/speculating too much.

Now, on to the second part of this post, even though it’s a quick one. I want to give you another link to another brilliant blog. It’s called Nine Writes, and I know it’s well written because she enjoys blogging and writing, and when someone enjoys something, it tends to be of a good quality, and this one is. Check it out: She’s also in my blogroll!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I’ll hopefully write again on Wednesday. Bye for now! ūüôā

No More Reading for Me!

So with my Creative Writing degree mere weeks away (update at the end of this post), I realised something which should have been very obvious to me: I’m going to have to read a butt-load of books! Granted, a lot of these books will be beneficial and extremely enjoyable, but what I’m slightly disappointed about is the pile of books that are already waiting patiently on my to-read bookshelf are going to have to be even more patient.

If you don’t know already, I am a slow reader. Of course I’m going to have to learn to read faster for this degree, but that’s not going to be enough. For me to be able to keep my head above water, I’m going¬†to have to read most of the day, which means I won’t be able to read my personally-bought books, which saddens me – it means that I probably won’t be able to go into a bookstore and just buy books anymore, because I just won’t have the time to read more books.

This is just speculation though. Maybe I’ll be able to read a personal book every 1-2 weeks, which would be good, or maybe I won’t get as many books to read for my degree as I thought. But this can only be theory for now, as I know practically nothing about my degree yet.

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling. As I said, there is an update about my degree¬†below, if you want to check that out. Wednesday’s post may be a little controversial as I have strong opinions about this subject, but I’m hoping it will provide a means of discussion. ūüôā Saturday’s post should be a film review for the new Total Recall, but that isn’t definite. Thanks for reading once again, and take care! ūüėÄ

DEGREE UPDATE: I’m going to be attending an Open Day for my University on the 15th of September, so once that comes around I’ll have far more information to post on here e.g. start date and syllabus, but until then, nothing. My apologies! ūüė¶

Short post.

Sorry that this post will be so short, but I was visiting my Grandma and it was a long journey. ūüôā I was talking to a couple of people about my creative writing degree today, and the more I talked about it, the more I realised how excited I am for it! I’m really looking forward to meeting new people with similar interests, wondering what the course’s syllabus will include. I’m eagerly anticipating writing in new ways and styles, and speculating how many genres I’m uncomfortable with I will have to write. Basically what I’m saying is that the more I think about the degree and the things it will involve, even though it’s scary,the more I realise that I’m ready and willing for it to happen. No email has come through yet stating that I’m officially accepted, but I’m expecting the email (realistically) from about Thursday onwards, so perhaps no news will develop until Saturday’s post, but you never know.

Anyway, sorry that this post is so short, but I had very little time and I’m very tired. But the good news is that¬†Wednesday’s post will be prepared beforehand, although I’m still deliberating between two post ideas at the moment. Thanks again for reading, and I’ll see you all on Wednesday. Have a good night/day. ūüėÄ

A New Era Begins! (Possibly)

Sorry for this late post, and also I am very sorry that it won’t¬†be a¬†review of Game of Thrones (which WILL be posted on Saturday), but a piece of news just got sent to me via email, and it got me a bit excited…just a little bit…

I’m going to be doing a Creative Writing BA at University in September!

I never even planned to go to university after my A levels because I loathe studying, but I had a Clearing Flyer with my newspaper the other day and I decided to apply to do a Creative Writing course, even though my grades are absolutely terrible – 11 GCSEs from ‘B’ to ‘D’, a ‘D’ in AS English Literature, and a ‘D’ in A level Art and Design. Not exactly great, right?

Instead, I told them about my individual merits, including starting up this very awesome blog, with my even¬†awesomer followers (excuse the incorrect word-use here)! And in doing so, I managed to secure a place. It’s not final, but I would have thought that by the time Saturday comes along,¬†there should be some news that tells me whether I’ll be doing the degree or not. This is a really good opportunity for me, as I’m not a sociable guy and hate meeting new people and doing new things, but here I am, trying to do something completely new. The degree should give me some amazing experiences and should also broaden my horizons with the genres that I write.

So that’s all I wanted to¬†say tonight, just to get it off my chest. As I said, it’s not final, but it is looking good. I never really enjoyed school, but hopefully doing the subject which I¬†love¬†should be okay! ūüôā I’ll post again Saturday with my book review of The¬†Game of Thrones (although there may be a quick seperate post regarding updated news/plans about my degree). Thanks for reading!