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Update on my blog…

Apologies for missing a few days on my blog, but that’s basically what I wanted to talk to you all about. As it’s running up to Christmas, and my next-semester university timetable is quite packed, I’m afraid my blog posts are going to have to change from a strict(ish) schedule to whenever I can. I’m sure I’ll be blogging at least twice a week, but my life after Christmas will probably be very busy, and I can’t promise anything. 😦 However, I will still be blogging, no matter how infrequently! 😀

As for what’s due on the blog in the extremely recent future, I’ll be watching the Hobbit movie tonight, so expect a film review for that in a couple of days. Also there will be a subject that I will be discussing which I heard about in university, and I found it interesting enough to make an article about it, which should also be up on the blog before Christmas, hopefully. And speaking of Christmas, of course I’ll have a post about Christmas! And maybe a quick update on how things are going in my life as well, at least writing wise. 😛

So for now, I shall bid you adieu, but I will be posting quickly after this post, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. Anyway, that’s enough of my blabbering – see you in a couple of days! 🙂


Facebook Page and Twitter

Hi all, just wanted to say that the blog’s Facebook page is now active (, and will receive regular updates with pictures, motivational quotes, and exclusive content. I’ve also signed up to twitter today (, and that will also receive pictures and regular updates, including exclusive content. However, my twitter account will not just be a Writer’s Cabinet account, but it will also be an account which I update with stories from my own life, whether that be writing, university, whatever. So from now on, unless something major has happened in my life, all my personal reports and tales will be posted on my twitter account. Thanks for reading!


Sorry I cannot write a long post today, but I was busy and my dad needed his computer (I don’t have my own one). Sorry about this, but I will write a post tomorrow instead, then proceed as usual. Thank you!

New widgets added

Hey everyone, this is just a quick aside to say that a few small things have been added to this blog.

1.) Two Goodreads widgets have been added – one entitled ‘I am currently reading…’ and another called ‘I have already read…’. These should let all of you keep up to date with my books and what I like. Also, if you have any recommendations of books you think I would like, or if you just want me to review them, please either email me (Email is found on my ‘Contact’ page) or comment in the ‘Books’ section. You can also write on my Facebook Wall, which brings me to my second addition…

2.) To the right of my blog, you will notice that the official Writer’s Cabinet Facebook Fanpage is shown. If you want to Like the page or want to write on my Wall, then please, go ahead. In fact, it will make me very happy! 😀

3.) Thirdly and finally, just above the ‘Follow’ button on the right is the amount of people which follow my blog, currently standing at 17. I want to thank everyone who has followed me, and I hope I’m proving to be a good blogger!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments then please do so at the bottom of this aside (by clicking this post in the ‘Recent Posts’ section on the right-hand side). Thank you! 🙂