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The Writer’s Creed – a poem

This post is simply a short poem which I wrote today; it may not be epic or especially serious, but I trust you all like it anyway. 🙂

I ponder why we like to write, and why we like to read,

Is it because we have, somehow, an unrecorded creed?

Maybe this creed will tell us all of what we need to know

concerning words, and nouns and verbs, and writing what we know.

Oh! if there was a writer’s creed, rules which we could obey,

Commands of when to use a word, a sentence, or a phrase.

It would be so much easier, if writers could thus pride

in a creed which was omniscient, a writing coach and guide.


I know of such a writer’s creed, it lives within our minds –

A talent which is granted us, a skill God has assigned.

It is our vision which is our creed, our library.

 All we read is stored and kept, even Great Gatsby!

We use some data that is stored – it shapes our writing voice,

Ah! it is so, how can it not? In this we rejoice.

For whilst we practice writing rules, presented to us by others,

We could just as easily break them by entirely going against what they say; for example, by having far too many syllables in one line of a poem without it even rhyming.


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