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Writing is Insane!

“Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.”

                                                                                                                – Graycie Harmon

How true this is. In writing, whether that be short story or novel, there must be characters, and those characters must have flaws. If you don’t create your characters with flaws, then there will be no drama, no tension, and no obstacles to get in their way. It doesn’t matter if the flaw/flaws are internal or external – what matters is that they must be weak. These characters are humans, just like us. They are made of flesh and blood, no matter how much you think that they’re actually made of titanium.

An insane asylum must have insane people for its cause to be worthwhile. If it does not, then it is worthless. So it is with writing; if you don’t have flawed characters in your piece of writing, then you might as well throw it away. Keeping an empty asylum up and running is a waste of money, and so is buying a book with flawless characters. People want to read about others which are just like them, with the same problems and situations as them. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a fantasy novel or romance novel – writing a book about people means writing a book about people’s problems.

Maybe you’ll go insane halfway through writing a book. That’s fine; every writer is a little bit insane, anyway! 😀

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However, don’t let your inmates escape. Flawed characters are good and scarred characters are good, but there is a cut-off point: don’t flood your readers with so many character flaws that it overwhelms them, or seems unrealistic. The better the balance, the better your asylum; you’ll learn to make your own asylum stronger with every character that goes a bit wild and escapes!

So be the doctor in charge and keep your inmates in check. After all, you’re spending most of your time with them! 😛

Earth is the insane asylum for the universe.”

                                                               – Unknown