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Writer’s Cabinet’s Dictionary Series: Advertising

Hi guys! Well I’ve been wanting to do a long-running series about ‘words’ for a long time, and I pondered several ideas – this is the series I came up with. Basically, whenever I can, I’ll be looking for a word which takes my fancy from my dictionary (Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus, Concise Edition) and writing a post about it: the word may spark a story which I’ll write; maybe it’ll remind me of an experience I once had, or a post about the art of writing. Whatever it is, I’m hoping every single word will be of worth to you. And now to begin the series! 😀


Advertising n the promotion of goods or services by public notices; advertisements; the business of producing adverts.

This will be more of a rant than a debate, but I’ll try to keep it as toned down as possible. 😛 When I saw this word, I didn’t think of adverts from the ’50s, with their nicely coloured posters and lovely smiling families. Instead I thought of today’s money-making ploys, and the way in which they do that, from TV adverts to huge billboards across towns and cities.

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Why is the world so horrified that under-age drinking and casual sex is invading our streets and homes when they seem to do so little about it? Yes, there are groups that discuss these topics, and yes, some people manage to make a difference, but they overlook the little things (or big things, depending on your point of view). Fashion stores are advertising ‘the now’ clothing for children as young as five or six – some so revealing and horrible that it’s no wonder paedophiles lurk on street corners. Music videos – either online or on the television – are stuffed with scantily clad ladies and six-packed men, and the lyrics…well, the lyrics can be some disgusting that you might as well sing “Come and have sex with me all night.” With supermarkets and other such companies advertising cheap wines and other alcoholic beverages, is it any wonder that so many youths these days try to buy them? Clubs and pubs seem to be in our everyday conversation nowadays, and with youngsters being naturally curious, why wouldn’t they want to find out for themselves what all the ‘fuss’ is about? It’s sickening that people try to blame the pubs when they don’t even care about the money-makers hiding behind their dollar bills.Advertising is becoming alarmingly worse, and it’s not happening slowly. I wonder when the law will be changed so that 14 year-olds can have sexual intercourse legally (although stupidly nobody does anything about it when it happens illlegally), or when underage drinking is not considered to be breaking the law.This generation seems to think that we’re the most intelligent and prosperous, but the simple fact is that if we don’t straighten ourselves out quickly and efficiently, the next generation will be a bunch of sex-driven, alcohol-induced fools, and that isn’t far from the truth now.

That’s my opinion, but do YOU agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below!