Falling Flames: a 50/50 story (Part 1)

Hey everyone; stand in awe at the awesomeness that is today’s post. Sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday, but it was a full day of lectures and seminars, and frankly I was exhausted. However, the post is here now, ready to entertain as many people as it can, and as you can see, it’s the first ever 50/50 story published on this blog.

I used a story-title generator to come up with the title, ‘Falling Flames’, and I have done absolutely no planning for this. No character names, no plot, no ending or beginning sorted out. I’m just going to get stuck into it, the title being the only way to start me off.

At the very end (it’ll be exactly 500 words, not including this bit) there’ll be a choice, a ’50/50′. I’ll flip a coin next post and see where the story goes. I’m hoping it’ll be entertaining, albeit slightly rough around the edges, and it may even inspire some of you, giving you ideas for a plot or character personalities. Maybe I’ll be inspired! 😀 Anyway, here’s part 1 of the series – enjoy.



The town was in a blazing panic. Guards were gripping their swords as if it was life itself, and civilians just ran around aimlessly, squealing like pigs about to be slaughtered. The night was alight with an intense orange, burning the stars as a sheet of fire flashed across the sky.

‘Jasmine, what did I tell you? Just run!’

Jasmine just stood there, rooted to the spot. The flames in the night sky just hung there, swirling in a mixture of dazzling colours. She gaped upwards, transfixed.

And then the fire came down.

The screams around her became louder, searing themselves into her brain. Jasmine collapsed onto the grass, snatching her hand away from her mother.

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‘Jasmine, what are you doing?’ her mother yelled, trying to pull her daughter up. ‘If we don’t move now, we’ll die!’

‘Then go on without me, mother.’ Jasmine spoke calmly, almost willingly.

Her mother tried to pull Jasmine up more ferociously, eventually succeeding. She hugged her. ‘You are my daughter and I love you. I will not let anything happen to you.’

‘I know, mother,’ Jasmine said blankly. ‘It’s…’

The fire interrupted her sentence by crashing down mere metres away from them. Jasmine’s mother screamed, grasping her daughter’s hand once again and yanking her away from the destructive flames.

Jasmine was in a trance, in shock from what was happening so quickly around her, as if it were a dream. The civilians’ screams became muted; the colours merged into one dull grey. The town’s fat butcher was careening through other, equally afraid people, knocking them flat onto either grass or stone. Many cracked open their heads, blood oozing from their hair. Jasmine did not care, but her mother was slowing down. She was becoming frail, weak from the flames around them. She collapsed in front of her daughter, who just stood there, utterly motionless.

‘Jasmine, help me! I’m too tired to move!’ Her cries drew no attention from the others around them, and Jasmine also did not hear. Instead she sat on the ground, picking a crushed flower from between the grass. She began to pluck away its petals.

‘Jasmine! The fire’s coming towards us! We’ve got to move!’

‘As you say, mother.’ Jasmine stood up, turned, and walked slowly away from the advancing flames, then turned again to watch her mother scream.

‘Please! I know you’ve been seized by one of them, but remember that I’m your mother – my legs have lost their strength!’


Jasmine snapped out of the trance. What was she doing? She held her hands to her head. Her mother….mother! She looked at her mother, who was all but consumed from the searing heat of the fire. In a matter of seconds, she would die.

‘Mum!’ Jasmine tried to call, but her mother could not hear her. ‘Please…Miriam!’ It was the first time Jasmine had called her mother by her first name, but it seemed like she could not even hear her own daughter. 

Jasmine sprinted towards her, sobbing.


50/50-question time! Just before I write the next post, I will be flipping a coin, which will answer this question: does Jasmine make it to her mother in time? Heads, she does; tails, she doesn’t. I for one can’t wait to see where this will lead! 😀

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to comment in any way about this post or story, then go ahead. It would be nice to hear what others think (please bear in mind that I made this up as I wrote it, and I haven’t edited it apart from typos!). Thank you. 🙂


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