Tomorrow’s Lecture and the first 50/50 story!

Sorry this post is a tad late, but I had quite a few things to organise today for tomorrow (University!) and otherwise. Yes, and as you can tell from that previous sentence, my first lecture begins tomorrow – a two-hour long ‘Skills for Academic Studies in the Humanities’. It sounds a little boring, but I was silently waiting for the degree proper to start anyway, so I’ve had that wish fulfilled at least. 🙂

Concerning the first 50/50 story, I have no idea how many posts it’ll be, but that’s part of the fun! Obviously it can’t continue for too long as NaNoWriMo begins next month, but I’m assuming it’ll consist of at least four posts. I still, however, need your input: every story needs to begin with a simple premise, and I’ve decided to let you readers be the supplier of that premise. It can be as silly or as serious as you’d like, likewise with the mundane or heart-pounding. Basically as long as it’s not rude or racist I’ll give it a shot – just post in the comments and the first premise which sounds reasonable will have the reasonable honour of being the foundation of my first 50/50 story. Your comment can be detailed or simple:



A man walks into town with the thought of buying his first lottery ticket.

More detailed

A man walks into town with the thought of buying his first lottery ticket, but his next-door neighbour thinks it’s a bad idea.

Very detailed

A drama about a man called Kevin who thinks of buying his first lottery ticket, only to find that his next-door neighbour Maggie thinks it’s a bad idea, as it will create a new bad habit that will cause him to drop further into financial debt.


Obviously I’m going a bit overboard here, but you get the idea. So quickly write in the comments and think of something good before someone else does – you’ll even get a shout-out about your own blog! Now get cracking! 😀



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