University, rain, and plastic ducks!

It seems like a very momentous time in my life, and in some respects it is – the very first day at University, a mixture of feelings whizzing through both my head and stomach. But when your first day consists of choosing modules which are pretty much chosen for you, getting your hair very wet several times from walking in constant rain, and flicking plastic ducks off bridges to see who is the winner, it all seems a little different to what you wre expecting. That said, it was the first day, it was great to meet some new people and see new places, and I am looking forward to the lectures (which start next week).

The first semester is all compulsory, but in the second semester (on top of the compulsory ones) there is a choice to pick one of three modules: a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), something to do with archaeology, and a module entitled ‘From Gods to CGI’, which is taught by the School of Classics. This is the module that I have decided to do, as I presume it will broaden my horizons and will possibly give me story ideas.

Also, may I remind you to vote in my polls, deisigned to make my blog better. If you haven’t yet voted, vote here. Thanks for reading; see you all Wednesday!



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