A couple of things that’ll make this blog better…

Hey everyone!

I have a few things to say today, so bear with me. The first thing I wanted to say is that my induction day for university is tomorrow, and I’m getting very excited; it’s going to be great meeting everyone I’ve already talked to online. 🙂 Freshers week then starts this Monday, so I may be writing more posts about that for a little while.

Secondly, I’ve been browsing the web and came across an interesting idea which might be suitable for my blog. The premise is that I pick up a random book around the house, turn to a random page, and read the sixth sentence on that page (it doesn’t have to be the sixth, but this is what the article used, so I’m sticking with that). Now the idea is this: whatever that sixth sentence says, I have to write a post about it! It sounds like an interesting concept, and of course, the post could be 100 words long or 800 words long; it just depends on how difficult it is to write a post about that sentence and whether I feel strongly about a certain word/phrase/concept in that particular sentence. Anyway, I was thinking it could be either a weekly or bi-monthly thing. It’s all down to you, my readers, and that brings me to my final point…

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Beneath this chunk of writing are two polls which I would like everyone to vote on (DO NOT VOTE UNTIL YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THIS!). Now this may make you groan and click to a different page, but hear me out. These polls are designed to make the blog you are reading currently even better, and even though my own ideas are relevant and significant, I still need input from all of you: after all, you are the ones that are reading this! They are very basic polls – simply click which answer you would like to vote on, then click the ‘vote’ button. There is an option to write your own answer in the first poll, if needs be. There is another poll directly below the first poll asking whether you want me to continue with this book-sentence idea, so you would really help me by voting on that issue, as well. Also, one last thing: you can click multiple choices in the first poll if you wish, but you cannot in the second. 🙂

Of course you don’t have to vote on either of these polls, or you can vote on only one topic, if you wish. But just bear in mind that this blog can be better if you vote, as I can weigh up options depending on the amount of votes. Thank you all very much, and I’ll see you on Monday! 😀

Don’t forget to vote on the polls below!


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