On your marks…get set…go write! (Part three)

Hello again everyone! So here we are: the last post of this three-part series. It’s been a fun ride (it sounds like I’m giving up blogging altogether :P), but I’ve been taught many lessons because of it, and I hope you all have to. But enough chit-chat – we’ve run that race and we’ve crossed that finish line; the writing project is finished! Well, almost…

Winning the Race


“It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.”

                                    – Richard M. DeVos


You’ve prepared yourself for the race. You planned ahead. Then you ran, either fast and hard, or slow and steady. The finishing line was in your sights, and then…victory! You cross the line and you raise your arms in the air. But however amazing and proud you feel, there’s still work to be done.


1.) Keep your muscles moving – even after the race is finished, do not sit down. You have to keep moving, and this applies to writing also. Once your project is finished, don’t take a break (of course you can relax, but that’s a different thing). Instead, write a paragraph every day, about anything you want – just keep those writing muscles moving. A runner doesn’t stop practicing just because he’s won a race, and neither should you. Write very little compared to what you did do, and remember to read novels and books about writing as well: both are invaluable.

2.) Remember that you’ve finished the race! – even though you shouldn’t brag, be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Not everyone can do what you’ve just done. Congratulate any other ‘runners’ that have crossed the finish line and celebrate together. Victory is far sweeter when shared.

Celebrate together and have fun! Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

3.) Winning isn’t everything – especially in writing. Who cares if James from your class finished his novel before you finished your four-line poem? I’ll say it again: write your project at your pace. You’ll enjoy yourself far more, and it doesn’t matter what ‘position’ you are at the finish – what matters is that you’ve finished! 

4.) Don’t stop there – you want to become the best writer you can be, so don’t stop learning and running other races! Try to realise what you did totally incorrectly in the race, what you could improve on, what you did well. All of this will help you to shape and hone your craft until you’re ready to become a professional athlete (published author)! But even then, you don’t stop learning. Every race changes you, usually for the better. Now go out there and put your running shoes on!


And that’s the end of the series. 🙂 If you want to suggest a topic for me to write about, or just want to ask a question or comment on my blog, then please write in the comment section below – I’ll be very happy! 😀 Don’t forget to like and share, and follow me if you want up-to-date posts. Thanks.


“It doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.”
                                                                                      – Fred Lebow


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  1. Thanks for the inspirational series on writing tips! 😀 helped a lot! 😀

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