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I’m very new to this whole blogging business. I still haven’t figured out how everything works, and my Followers and View count is extremely low. But do you know what? I’m enjoying blogging for whoever wants to read my stuff, be that one reader or ten thousand readers. What truly matters is that I’m writing in a different form whilst blogging, aside from my usual fiction writing, and if one person manages to grab a tip from my site, then good for them! But I also like grabbing tips from other sites, and that’s what this post is about. Almost everyday I read other wordpress blogs, some with topics that I’m interested in and others not so much. I’m following a number of writing blogs, each with different styles and ways of writing. Yet no matter what their style, almost everytime I take something new away with me – be that a tip, hint, or just something to dwell on. Usually I leave a comment, either something that adds to the topic of interest or simply a word of encouragement. Maybe they reply. Maybe not. But what I’m saying is this: if you want to know your blogging topic or hobby any better, then you’re going to have to read other blogs.

Let’s say you have a photography blog. Now you may be the most arty, stylish, and impressive photographer blogger in the world, but you still have to read blogs. Doing so gives you perspective on what other blogs are doing, both in your area of expertise and in others. You never know, maybe one of their posts will spark an idea for a post with you. I know it has with me, anyway. Comment on the blog posts which you like, and even a simple thing like that can have great repercussions – you gain a contact with another blogger, which means that maybe you’ll get to do a guest post for them, or the other way around. Here’s the gist of my post: be friendly to other bloggers, comment, and be a part of the blogging world, otherwise less people will know about your blog and you won’t get so many ideas for your posts. Get to know what’s out there.

I’m going to give you three links to the writing blogs that I like. I have many other blogs that I go back to time and time again, but I’ll just stick to these three for now. First up then, is a great blog called I followed this blog only a couple of weeks ago, but it’s the blog’s current series which pulled me in: Lazy Writer Syndrome. So far “Plot” and “Characters” have been written, but I’m eager to read the next item in the series. Please check it out. 🙂

The second blog is one written by Tessa Sheppard – This blog keeps me encouraged, as she is a mother as well as a writer, and it’s hard enough for me doing one of those things, let alone both of them (please bear in mind that I am not a mother ;))! Seriously though, really inspiring stuff in this one, so obviously I recommend this as well.

Last but not least, is bottledworder, and man is he good (please forgive my slang)! This blogger knows what he’s talking about: literature, humour; the lot. I find his posts both funny and enlightening, and this is why I keep up to date with what he writes. Here is his blog:

Thanks for reading. If you have a blog which you think I’d like to read (I don’t just like blogs about writing, so go ahead and tell me whatever you’re blogging about!) then please give me a brief description in the comments below and I’ll check it out. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for this post! I am also new to this so this was both encouraging and helpful! I hope to read some more from you soon.

  2. Everything about blogging surprises me – including this post. I enjoy your voice. It’s fresh and clear. I follow your blog, too.

    As for me, I blog about family life and writing. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m enjoying myself.

    I read the bottleworder, too. Thanks for your other suggestions. I’ll check them out.

    • Thank you so much, Ms. Nine – I think that’s one of the nicest things anyone has said to me in a long time. 🙂 It’s great that you’re enjoying what you’re doing; that is one of the main reasons to blog, in my opinion. Thanks again! 😀

  3. Hi,

    I’m also very new to the blogging world and just getting used to it. May be this is the first blog i’ve commented on except that one blog of my own friend.

    I’ve (actually not just me, we are two for now but we’ll grow to 4 very soon) been blogging about various topics with the main focus on science. I had started blogging a couple of years ago, but then I had no idea what the blogging world is all about. But now, I am really into it and really enjoying it!

    Your one particular line encouraged me even more to continue blogging : “I’m enjoying blogging for whoever wants to read my stuff, be that one reader or ten thousand readers.”

    Thanks for a great post!

    I’ll be following your blog! 😀

    my (our actually) blog is (don’t freak out with the name 😉 it just means ‘it is our turn’ in Nepalese language 😀 )

    • Akash, that’s great – enjoyment is one of the key things when you’re blogging. You need passion when you write. I’m glad that you found that line encouraging, and as I said before, if one person is thankful for my work, then I’ll continue.

      It’s nice that you’re following my blog; I shall be following yours too. Even though I couldn’t write about science, it definitely interests me, and it might spark some ideas of my own! Although I can’t speak Nepalese, sorry! 😉

      Basically what I’m saying is keep at it, as you grow as a person when you blog as well. Great stuff!

      P.S. Keep in touch with Writer’s Cabinet! 😀

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