A New Era Begins! (Possibly)

Sorry for this late post, and also I am very sorry that it won’t be a review of Game of Thrones (which WILL be posted on Saturday), but a piece of news just got sent to me via email, and it got me a bit excited…just a little bit…

I’m going to be doing a Creative Writing BA at University in September!

I never even planned to go to university after my A levels because I loathe studying, but I had a Clearing Flyer with my newspaper the other day and I decided to apply to do a Creative Writing course, even though my grades are absolutely terrible – 11 GCSEs from ‘B’ to ‘D’, a ‘D’ in AS English Literature, and a ‘D’ in A level Art and Design. Not exactly great, right?

Instead, I told them about my individual merits, including starting up this very awesome blog, with my even awesomer followers (excuse the incorrect word-use here)! And in doing so, I managed to secure a place. It’s not final, but I would have thought that by the time Saturday comes along, there should be some news that tells me whether I’ll be doing the degree or not. This is a really good opportunity for me, as I’m not a sociable guy and hate meeting new people and doing new things, but here I am, trying to do something completely new. The degree should give me some amazing experiences and should also broaden my horizons with the genres that I write.

So that’s all I wanted to say tonight, just to get it off my chest. As I said, it’s not final, but it is looking good. I never really enjoyed school, but hopefully doing the subject which I love should be okay! 🙂 I’ll post again Saturday with my book review of The Game of Thrones (although there may be a quick seperate post regarding updated news/plans about my degree). Thanks for reading!


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  1. That’s fantastic! Congrats!

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