As I said last Tuesday in my first NaNoWriMo post, I am a little rushed as I am writing this before I go on holiday, so please excuse my hasty writing; I hope you can forgive me. Instead of writing about NaNoWriMo though (as I have little time), I will be giving you a quote instead, and talking a little about it – my second part of the NaNoWriMo post will be on here once I am back. 🙂 Sorry about that.

The desire to write grows with writing. – Desiderius Erasmus

Funnily enough this quote was something that I saw on WordPress, and I think it links in perfectly with what I have been discussing with you over these past few posts. In ‘1 secret every writer should know’, I talked about writer’s writing, and how it is a necessity to write if you want to become good at it. And then only a few posts ago, in ‘Write every day’, I talked about how everyone should write every day if possible, and how doing that could (and will) improve your writing. So now that we’ve discussed the links, it’s time to discuss the quote.

The quote is very relevant and very true. It’s almost a cycle that you need to kick-start: start writing and you’ll want to write more, then write more and then you’ll want to write more. And so the cycle continues for a lifetime.

But that’s the catch – you have to be the one to start writing. Not your parents, not your teacher, not your boss.


I know how hard this is, but thankfully I jumped over this hurdle. You may ask yourself beforehand, “How do I begin to write? I want to start, but how do I do it?” This advice really does sound ridiculous, but it’s true: you just write. For some this is hard, for others, not so hard. But the point is if you want to write because you want to be excited about writing, and to write more, then you need to write. Anything. Anything at all. It doesn’t have to be a novel or a short story. It could be simple scene, like I talked about in the ‘Write every day’ post. Just do it, and then eventually you’ll want to write something bigger, something more challenging.

Please think about this and hopefully act on it, because once you do, you’ll never be the same. 🙂 Thanks, and I’m sorry again for doing a different post; see you in 3-4 days! 😀


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