Write Every Day

Hi all, I hope you’re all enjoying whatever you’re doing – that’s a little too vague, isn’t it? *Laughs* But enough of the chit-chat: I’ve got a blog to write!


So as you all know by now, I’m on holiday at the moment. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about; I want to talk about writing every day, wherever you are. Whilst I think that every writer has a different routine, different habits, and a different time schedule, I also think that they (you) should try to write every day.

Come on, pick them up and start writing!

Now it isn’t terrible if you miss a day – two or three even, but try not to. The reason I am saying that we should write every day might sound oh-so simple and oh-so boring, but the fact is that writing every day betters one’s writing, and also is just good ol’ fashioned PRACTICE.I’m even writing on holiday. Every day I plan to write either a scene from my up-coming post-apocalyptic novel, or just mix two things together (e.g. a tree and an egg) and try to create a scene from them. Perhaps I’ll throw every single piece of paper that I write on into the bin; perhaps I’ll scrunch them up in frustration. But I will have written something. Writing helps writing, if that makes any sense. And even if your writing doesn’t become better (which is stupidly unlikely) then at least you’ll be writing something. And writers enjoy writing, even if they don’t show it 😛

So basically all I am saying to you is please write – I’ve even put it in bold and underlined it so you can understand its importance. If you only take three things away from this post today, let it be these:

  1. Write every day
  2. Write every day
  3. Write every day

And just like that, you’ll become better. Ever notice why people who teach instruments to themselves without a teacher become better? They play their instruments every day. Let that be the same for you – use the instrument of your mind and imagination every day.

Or this, if you prefer! Although don’t pick it up.

Thanks for reading; I trust that you found this post helpful. If you want to comment, ask a question, or just want to share your thoughts and opinions about writing every day, then please go ahead, although I won’t be able to read all the comments for a little while. Maybe I’ll even post a few of my daily writing attempts from my holiday up on here when I get back (both my best and worst). Again, thanks, and I’ll see you Tuesday – another post about writing, but this time it won’t be so harsh! 😀


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