Books! (Part three)

Hello everyone, and I hope everything is going well. In case you’re new here, or if you don’t remember, I’m on holiday in France at the moment, and I set this message to be sent whilst I’m away (it’s a bit of a strange thought, really :/) Anyway, this post will be concluding the ‘Books!’ series, although I may do something similar in the future. Let’s begin then, shall we?


The Colour of Magic– I read this book either two or three years ago, and to be honest, I didn’t find it that great. However, I expect this is because I was still a bit young and didn’t really understand the humour – so I’m reading it again 🙂 I pretty much know what happens, but maybe I’ll appreciate it more this time around.

Giving it another go.

The Man who Broke into Auschwitz – Non-fiction books are definitely not my favourite thing (except when I’m doing research for my writing – I get a thrill from doing that :P) but I received this book from a friend as a gift a few months go, and now I’m deciding to read it. Mainly it’s just to broaden my horizons, but it may lead to some new ideas or something similar for my writing. Not really sure what to expect, but I presume it’ll be a nice short break from reading fiction.


So those are all the books I’m going to read on holiday – one or two I may have already read! Hopefully though I’ll be able to have a bunch of reviews to post on here over the course of a few weeks when I get back. I was going to dedicate a part of this post to books that I want to buy, but I think I’ll leave it for another time (it won’t be one of the posts whilst I’m away, either). Nevertheless, relish the summer sun, if indeed you have any at this time; Friday’s post will be about writing. See you then! 🙂


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  1. Good on you for giving The Colour of Magic another go. I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan these days, but I confess it took me several attempts to get there. I tried The Colour of Magic first because I always like to start ‘at the start’. In the end I gave up (and only went back to it much later. I don’t know if you’ve read any other Pratchett, but if you haven’t, you might like to try “Wyrd Sisters” or “Guards! Guards!” Sorry if you already know all this.

    • I’m exactly the same – even though you can read Terry Pratchett books in almost any order (or so I’ve been told), I’m definitely a ‘chronological order’ kinda guy, and I’d like to stick to that rule. 😛 However, if I still can’t get through it this time, then I’ll take your advice. Thanks for your input. 🙂

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