On my holiday

Okay – fellow writers, film addicts, and avid book readers, I have some *slightly* sad news for you. This Sunday I will be leaving this blog to go on my holidays, where I will be spending two wonderful weeks in France! 😀 On a more serious point, though, I’m going to be away until August the 6th, but due to tiredness after coming home (quite ironic considering it’ll be a holiday :P) I probably won’t be posting anything until the 7th or 8th. Tomorrow I will try to write a few posts in advance, so whilst I’m away you can still read things on my blog, but even if I do manage to write something extra before I go, I doubt it’ll be anything more than a once (maybe twice) a week post. Very sorry about this, and if I could blog on holiday I would, but paying for internet is quite expensive, yet if I have the money I will happily have a go at writing 🙂

*Looks around in suspicion* This isn’t where I’m going…who put this picture here?!?

Some pictures and a quick overview of my holiday may be posted on here after I return, but not excessively. Mind you, I will have plenty of book reviews and a couple of film reviews for you when I get back, although some of the films I review may be a little late if you want to see them in the cinema! However, I do not think this is too much of a problem.

Enjoy your two weeks away from me (haha!) and I look forward to writing for you all again. Still, look out for my ‘Books! Part Two’ post tomorrow, where I will be talking about books I want to read, and also books I need to buy to read – if that makes any sense at all. If I find that tomorrow’s post will be too long, I will cut it into two parts and you can read it whilst I’m away!

Thanks for your time; see you tomorrow.


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