My 7 day blogging plan

Hi everyone,

So I was thinking of a plan for what to write and when, and after browsing the internet and doing some brainstorming, I think I’ve managed to come to the conclusion of having a specific topic for a specific day. Have a look:

Monday – My thoughts/opinions on the past week and my life, maybe talk about upcoming events.

Tuesday – Dedicating a post to ‘Writing’, whether that may be a useful website, a quote, my opinions, etc.

Wednesday – This day would revolve around the theme of ‘Books’; maybe a review, what I like to read, a recommended read, etc.

Thursday – Same as Wednesday, only with ‘Films’.

Friday – Same as Monday.

Saturday – This will be a random post involving any of the above days, or something completely different (although not completely off-topic).

Sunday – Day off (hope you don’t mind!).

Is this okay with everyone? If any of you want to recommend a theme or topic, or have any other questions/comments/suggestions, please leave a comment. This plan should begin on Monday, but it’s not definite.



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  1. Great idea! So what happened this week, lol. Keep up the good work. Check out my home improvement blog.

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  3. Thanks for writing, Rod! I’ve been blogging for less than a week, so really these past few days were just to get to grips with all the features, and get used to the way things work. šŸ™‚

    Cialis Kopen – I’m sorry that I can’t reply to you, but I don’t understand. Thanks for leaving a comment though (although it may just be advertising)!

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